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White Motorola Droid Ultra coming to Verizon?

A leak on Twitter reveals what appears to be the traditionally black or red Droid in a crisp white finish.

CBS Interactive

An all-white Motorola Droid Ultra might make a debut on Verizon store shelves soon.

The Twitter account for @evleaks on Tuesday published an image of a white Motorola Droid Ultra featuring a Verizon logo. The Twitter account has become a hotspot for leaked mobile devices and, in many cases, the images turn out to be real. Although there's no way to know where @evleaks obtained the photo or whether it's real, its track record means it should be taken seriously.

Currently, Verizon sells Motorola Droid Ultras in either black or red for $100 with a two-year activation.

@evleaks did not share details on the white Droid Ultra were not shared. The device appears, however, to come with the same design as the black and red models. Those devices feature a 5-inch HD display and Android 4.2 (Jelly Bean).

CNET has contacted Motorola for comment on the leak. We will update this story when we have more information.