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Super rare ghost-white lobster avoids becoming dinner

A 1-in-100-million white lobster now haunts a tank in an Irish aquarium.

A rare white lobster has been spared from becoming people food thanks to its unusual lack of coloration. The crustacean's genetic quirk makes it an object of great interest. According to the Maine Lobstermen's Community Alliance, only 1 of out 100 million lobsters are white.

Fisherman Charlie O'Malley pulled in the strange critter and gave it to the Achill Experience aquarium on Achill Island in Ireland, where it is now on display. According to RTE News, the lobster is very young, estimated to be only a few years in age. On Wednesday, the aquarium reported the lobster is happy in its new home.

Though the albino crustaceans are extremely rare, they do pop up on occasion. Some lucky fishermen in Maine in the US caught two albino lobsters in separate hauls in 2014.

The Achill Experience is in the process of finding a name for the eye-catching lobster. Here are a few likely candidates: Ghosty McLobstersons, Clawsters McPinchPants or Crusty the Crustacean.