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White LG G2 headed to Verizon, leaked pic hints

An image from Twitter feed @evleaks appears to show the white LG G2 with a Verizon logo stamped on the back.

Will Verizon customers soon be able to pick up a white LG G2? @evleaks

Although Verizon customers can buy an LG G2 right now, they can only choose the black option. A recent leak, however, indicates that could change.

The Twitter page @evleaks, which has become a hotbed of leaked product images, posted a photo of what appears to be a white LG G2 handset with a Verizon Wireless logo stamped on the back. Verizon sells the black model but has made no indication that it plans to start selling the white version anytime soon.

The LG G2, which launched earlier this year, has received rave reviews. CNET editors awarded the Android-based handset four stars out of five, saying that it's hard to "go wrong with the LG's ultrafast G2 workhouse."

CNET has contacted LG for comment on the leak. We will update this story when we have more information.

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