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White iPhone 4 available for pre-order priced at astonishing £920

Online retailer Expansys is listing a 32GB white iPhone 4 as available for pre-order, priced at a wallet-combustingly high price of £920. Is this a cruel joke?

The white iPhone 4 has become a device so mythical in standing, we now wouldn't be surprised if it only exists in a parallel universe. But now, incredibly, Orange and Three are listing the white iPhone 4 as available on their websites, while online tech retailer Expansys is listing the white iPhone 4 as available for pre-order, SIM-free, for £920.

That's right folks, nine hundred and twenty pounds. Well, nine hundred and nineteen and ninety-nine pence to be precise, but we're rounding up for your convenience. You're welcome.

We'd advise you to check that Expansys listing for yourself -- we can't quite believe it ourselves, as the price is twice as high as the normal black version of the iPhone 4. If the white iPhone 4 is indeed imminent, we'd hope the price comes down a bit soon.

We've rung Expansys for comment, but haven't heard anything back. We'll let you know as soon as somebody tells us what on Earth is going on.

Meanwhile, Orange and Three are now listing the white iPhone 4 online, though both sites seem to be saying it's 'out of stock'. Is the phone of legend really about to descend from on high? We tremble with anticipation. 

The white iPhone 4 was supposed to be available when the fourth version of Apple's iPhone first hit the streets, but has since been delayed time and time and time again.

In the meantime, resourceful enterprising folk have landed themselves in potential legal trouble selling kits to trick out your black iPhone 4 in trendy white duds.

Anyone have any theories? Now's the time to share 'em, in the comments below or on our Facebook page.

Update: Expansys has changed its listing to 'Price: Not announced'. No predicted release date is listed.