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White House's '1600' app brings your dollar bill to life

All you'll need is a buck and a phone to learn the history of 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue: A new app shows a year in the life of the "People's House."

The buck pops here.

The buck pops here.

The White House (video screenshot by CNET)

In the age of Snapchat filters and Pokemon Go, the White House has come up with a new way to teach kids of all ages the history of the "People's House": an augmented reality app that brings a dollar bill to life.

All you'll need is a buck and a phone. Once you download the app, called 1600, you can point your phone's camera at a dollar bill, and a virtual image of 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue appears on top of it.

Press Secretary Josh Earnest narrates the history of the building, while the 3D image of the White House cycles through the different seasons and various events, including the White House Easter Egg Roll and a State Arrival Ceremony.

Though some educators may worry that augmented reality apps like Pokemon Go are simply distractions for their students, the 1600 app shows how the same technology can be harnessed as an educational tool. That seems to be the White House's aim in developing the app.

"Even as seasons and people change, the White House endures as an institution of American democracy," Earnest said in a blog post about the new app, adding that the point of 1600 is to "educate and inspire Americans to learn all about what the People's House stands for."

The 1600 app is free and can be downloaded for either Android or iOS devices.