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White Galaxy Nexus spotted in U.S.

Albino Android phone is available unlocked at Las Vegas-based Negri Electronics for $650.

An Albino Android? Samsung

Like any other rare albino variation on a species, white smartphones are often met with an inexplicable sense of awe. Perhaps this is why this pale take on the Samsung Galaxy Nexus is blowing my mind this morning. Or perhaps I need more coffee.

As our colleagues at CNET Asia have been reporting, Singapore was slated to be the first locale to retail the "chic white" take on the Android Ice Cream Sandwich flagship phone over the weekend, to be followed by the U.K. as soon as today.

For those of us in the former colonies, you can get your hands on this creamy phone through the folks at Las Vegas-based Negri Electronics, currently offering a 16GB white Galaxy Nexus unlocked for $650.

Interestingly, Engadget got its hands on one of the phones from Negri and noted that it ships with a North American charger, rather than the European configuration, which could mean it's possible U.S. carriers will be offering the white phone soon.

If vanilla just isn't your fave flavor for a phone, perhaps you'll be more interested in this pink Samsung Galaxy S II that's set to show up in Singapore later this week or maybe this pink Samsung Galaxy Note that's on the way. Don't worry guys, I won't tell a soul.