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White Castle taking Valentine's Day reservations: Plan ahead, romantics

Burgers are for lovers at the fast-food chain, where reservations get you hostess seating and music.

This Valentine's Day show you care with a romantic meal at White Castle.

Open Table

Who said you need a fancy candlelit dinner for Valentine's Day? Plan ahead and you and your loved one can share romance at White Castle.  

The fast-food burger chain is taking reservations via OpenTable for Feb. 14 (as well as Feb. 15) at select restaurants

The Valentine's Day festivities include perks like hostess seating, music, table side service and decorations. No word on whether you get a violin serenade and candles, but perhaps you can make hearts on your burgers with ketchup as a romantic touch.

More than 30,000 customers enjoyed the White Castle Valentine's Day experience in 2018, the company said.

"Many have shared stories with us about meeting the loves of their lives, or forming lifelong friendships at our restaurants, so we look forward to hosting this special event every year to help our fans build even more memorable moments," Jamie Richardson, VP of White Castle, said in a statement Tuesday. 

For those who'd rather be romantic in the privacy of their homes, White Castle will offer a Valentine's Day experience delivered to customers.

If an animated animal couple like Lady and the Tramp can have an impromptu spaghetti dinner to share a saucy kiss, surely some mustard and pickles should be able to set the mood. 

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