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White Bread Wrist Rest: Without it, your hands are toast (get it? TOAST)

White Bread Wrist Rest: without it, your wrists are toast.

The current generation of compunerds is totally screwed. We (yes, I'm one of you) spend at least eight hours surfing the Internet on a daily basis, weekends included! Those YouTube videos aren't going to watch themselves, right?

That's why ergonomics is so important. We need specific keyboards and mice to angle our wrists properly and alleviate all that unnecessary stress--I can't think of a bigger weekend downer than the dreaded "mouse arm."

Thanks to the brilliant minds at Brando Workshop, we now have another ergonomic tool at our disposal. The White Bread Wrist Rest is designed to fit neatly under your hand, elevating your wrist just enough to prevent carpal tunnel syndrome later in life.*

They're sold in individual slices for $6, but you can save $2 by purchasing two. Each one measures about 4.4 inches long, 5.5 inches wide, and a little over half an inch thick. You might not think that half an inch makes a huge difference, and you're probably right. In either case, Brando's got you covered! According to its Web site, the Bread Wrist Rest is also "good for decoration." Can somebody say...twofer?!

*Absolutely not guaranteed