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White BlackBerry Q10 coming to Harvey Norman

Been holding out for a white version of the BlackBerry keyboard phone? Well, your dreams have come true.

While the Q10 may have formally launched back in July, that was just the boring old black version of the latest keyboard-equipped phone from BlackBerry.

(Credit: Sarah Tew/CNET)

Interested parties will be able to get their hands on the white-coloured Q10 exclusively from Harvey Norman.

You can pre-order from the Harvey Norman website, and the unit will be delivered to you from 29 August.

Neither the Z10 nor the Q10 have exactly been flying off the shelves for BlackBerry. During a shareholder's meeting last month, BlackBerry fielded some hard criticism from US investors, with at least one calling the US launch a "disaster".

Locally, while we don't know much about handset sales, the BlackBerry OS has continued its decline in terms of market share, according to data from Kantor Worldpanel. For the three-month period ending June 2013, BB OS had dropped 1 per cent to account for just 0.3 per cent of sales locally.

The white Q10 will retail for AU$698.