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Whisk up something unusual

The Nemo Whisk brings a touch of under the sea to your kitchen.

The Nemo Whisk Pylones

Available in a variety of colors, the Nemo Whisk will definitely stand out in your kitchen drawer. The whisk mimics a squid, with long wavy tentacles capable of all the whisking you need to do. The grip looks like the squid's body and even has two eyes to watch over your gravies and sauces. The Nemo Whisk was created by French designer Laurent Mouveau and has more than a touch of whimsy about it. Even the "tentacles" of this whisk have little curls to make the whole thing look a little more like a real creature, rather than just another kitchen gadget. It whisks just as well as the more traditional loop design, however, even with its unusual look.

The Nemo Whisk is approximately 9 inches long, more than enough to keep your hands out of hot liquids. The handle is plastic and is available in six designs. Each design incorporates bright colors, like pinks or greens. The whisks require washing by hand, but the unique design doesn't really add much time to your clean up. The Nemo Whisk is available for $25, and might just make the perfect gift for that friend who already has every other kitchen utensil.