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Whisk takes the temp of kitchen creations

I approach cooking a lot like I did chemistry lab in college, following every procedure to the letter and hoping that guarantees the right result. Of course, it doesn't always work that way. As a result, I've had to eat some experiments that didn't go as planned. So any gadget that helps protect me from myself is a big help.

Cuisipro's Balloon Thermo Whisk would be on my list, if I was adventuresome enough to find a recipe to use it for. The device combines a 12.5-inch long stainless steel whisk with a digital thermometer so you can make sure the temperature stays constant as you stir, without tying up both hands.

Balloon Thermo Whisk
Credit: Cuisipro

The digital LCD display provides readings in Fahrenheit and Celsius on the butt of the whisk, so in theory it's easier to keep an eye on sauces or batters that could fail if they got too hot or cold. The Thermo Whisk runs on a CR1130 watch battery.

There are two warranties. The one on the whisk is good for 25 years, though the thermometer's only lasts for two years. A side note: The whisk has a heat tolerance up to 400 degrees. No mention on the Web site whether that's any good for the thermometer!

Kugler's Home Fashions lists the Thermo Whisk for $23.99 and also sells a flat-whisk model that it says can be used in preparing custards, chocolate, candy and ice cream.