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Whirlpool updates its French-door fridge offerings

The latest French-door fridge models from Whirlpool offer external ice and water dispensers.

Three years ago, we switched from an ordinary refrigerator to a French-door, bottom-freezer model, and the difference in space is nothing short of amazing. If you spend just a little bit of time planning your fridge layout, you'll quickly find that you really can open just one door most of the time to reach your favorite drinks and quick snacks. But when you need to store trays of food for easy access, you have the space, and a terrific presentation. Slide open the full-length deli drawer and wow your guests--really! I have at least two friends who bought a new fridge solely because of my deli drawer.

Maintain organization from fridge to table with these convertible condiment drawers. Whirlpool

Now Whirlpool has come out with a new French-door, bottom-mount fridge with a water and ice dispenser on the outside of the door, for even more space and storage flexibility. The advantage of the external water and ice dispenser is the ability to get fresh, filtered water anytime without having to open the fridge door. And, the interior-space conservation lets you keep your fridge filled with everything you want.

The driving design principle behind this fridge is in-home entertaining, so you'll discover extra space for fresh ingredients. You'll also find two gallon-size bins, a can caddy in the door, and an extra ice bucket with a scoop--a sweet touch for entertainers. And, the door bins feature easy-to-grip pads that let the bins do double duty as condiment trays you can easily carry to the table or even outside.

But, what if a deli drawer isn't your thing? Maybe you're more into the traditional model with a fridge on one side and a freezer on the other. Whirlpool has you covered with a model boasting extra tall humidity-controlled crispers for watermelons, a caddy for tall bottles, and a can-pack keeper to store a case of beverages. And you'll still find an external water and ice dispenser to keep your thirst quenched.

Both models also offer an electronic temperature readout right on the door, so you can verify that everything is as it should be with a quick glance. Whirlpool's new models meet Energy Star's most recent guidelines. And, if you've been looking for some extra green cred, the bottom-mount fridge exceeds efficiency standards by 20 percent.

Choose your fridge in stainless, Satina, white, or black, for about $2,200.