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"Whippersnappers" have a lot to learn



"Whippersnappers" have a lot to learn

In response to the May 1 Soapbox column by Dennis Parker, "How age discrimination is killing high tech":

What a sad fate awaits the enormous block of "baby boomers," the very ones who have always expected to be in charge and achieve the goals that they set for themselves. The times they are a changing.

My experience with the "young whippersnappers" group has not been a good one. Those under 40 are living in a world that doesn't exist: bountiful, beautiful, brilliant, buoyant and boundless! All things are possible in their smugness. They believe that if it can be done, of course they are the ones who can do it.

The whippersnappers have basic and vulnerable flaws. Naivete, lack of experience, inability and--most awesome of all--fear! On the whole, these individuals have not met with many failures, which has left them unconditioned for the unforeseen.

Unlike the boomers, known for their easy-going approach and an innate sense of camaraderie, the younger set have a "crush your competition" attitude with the ultimate goal of getting ahead without any concern for others. Think self!

The miscalculation of the "eat your competition group" is the very weakness that gives the boomers their strategic advantage. They have been conditioned and trained, and have learned from experience.

Their strong suit is cooperation and superior communication--they can communicate with more than just a computer and have had to do so. This past versatility will serve them well in the upcoming massive social conflict. Affirmative action will be dominated with the "age factor," and litigation will flourish.

May the best win!

Kenn Lemons
Winston-Salem, N.C.