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Whiny potholes tweet at local government when hit by cars (Tomorrow Daily 187)

Khail and Ashley wonder what other civic woes can be solved by self-tweeting objects, investigate a new kind of VR camera and watch an origami robot self-assemble, walk, climb, dig and dissolve.

We're back, and Khail finally got that gaping hole in his smile fixed thanks to a 3D-printed implant. He's almost entirely cyborg now, everyone. We're not sure what that means for the future of humanity, but we do know we have a fun show full of cool future tech for you today.

First, we have a Panamanian talk show with a great idea for raising awareness about the poor quality of the country's roads: a device that, when placed inside a pothole, sends out a public tweet when struck by a car. It's clever, and it seems to be working, since a few of the potholes have been fixed since the project started.

We're also checking out a new kind of VR camera that aims to have a much lower price point, enabling consumers like you and me to start creating virtual reality content. Plus, there's a video of MIT's origami robot, which can put itself together, do a bunch of activities, and then dissolve in a cup of acetone. It's so cute, though!

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187: Whiny potholes tweet at local government when hit by cars

Here are some links and notes for all the things on the show today:

  • Panama potholes get fixed after auto-tweeting when struck by cars
  • Experimental VR camera aims to cost hundreds less than competitors
  • MIT's origami robot can fold itself up, walk, climb, dig, and dissolve
  • New Releases: Heroes of the Storm, Massive Chalice, "Entourage," "Spy," "Insidious Chapter 3"
  • User Feedback: Your #TDIO feedback, and our Phonetographer of the Day

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