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Which unpopular cable channels bust your bundle?

The Wall Street Journal analyzed more than 100 TV networks' viewers and fees to find which cost the most for the fewest viewers. Sorry, Golf Channel.

Sony/Claudia Cruz/CNET

Anyone with a TV package knows the annoyance of seeing a bunch of unwatched channels and knowing part of their monthly bill goes toward supporting them.

A new analysis by the Wall Street Journal sheds light on exactly which ones are the biggest culprits.

The Journal analyzed more than 100 channels according to how much each network earns per viewing household. The results find that some channels are relative bargains and some -- particularly those with tiny audiences -- aren't pulling their weight.

Some of the losers include Esquire (which is shutting down), Fox Sports 2, MTV Classic, Chiller, Discovery Family Channel, Centric, ESPNU and the Golf Channel. Meanwhile the Hallmark Channel, HGTV and MSNBC are among the winners -- channels with high viewership and relatively low fees.

With the increasing popularity of on-demand sources such as Netflix and Amazon Video, smaller channels, particularly those that focus on reruns, have a harder time surviving. That doesn't mean a la carte cable is coming tomorrow, but it does signal one more tiny shift away from big bundles.