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Which state is the creepiest? The truth is out there, 'X-Files' fans

Mulder and Scully can find aliens anywhere, but certain US states flew to the top of the paranormal radar.

Mulder and Scully of "The X-Files" stacked up the frequent-flyer miles, traveling to whichever state had an alien encounter.

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"The X-Files" is an equal-opportunity creepshow. Mulder and Scully have no problem racking up the miles jetting from state to state uncovering paranormal activity from the desert to the mountains. I still remember being more than a little unnerved that an episode about a guy who ate women's fingers was set in my Minnesota hometown.

A totally dedicated writer at online magazine Inverse meticulously cataloged all 208 episodes (including the six from the revival) to determine which US state is the creepiest.

Since Mulder and Scully worked out of D.C., the nation's capital and its neighboring states had an unfair advantage. So while Virginia is technically No. 1 among the 50 states, that hometown location might disqualify it among true haunt hunters.

For this fan, the biggest surprise was that Pennsylvania came in at No. 2, right behind Virginia, and tied with -- no surprise here -- California. Since the Golden State is the size of some countries, it'd be expected to rank high. But Pennsylvania? The Keystone State? Home of Independence Hall, Hershey Chocolate and Dunder-Mifflin Paper's Scranton office? Well, Dwight from "The Office" did once remark that "if a vampire bat was in the US, it would make sense for it to come to a 'Sylvania,' like Pennsylvania."

Don't want to believe? According to the chart, among the best states for you are Colorado and Connecticut, where the weirdness apparently stays on the down-low. And New Mexico may be home to the Roswell UFO incident, but only two "X-Files" episodes visited the Land of Enchantment. The truth may be out there, but it's not in Albuquerque.