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Which of these wacky Apple rumors are real and which are fake?

Take the multiple-choice quiz!

Is the Newton 2.0 coming? ZDNet

While browsing my RSS feeds this morning, I noticed that some particularly unusual Apple-related rumors were circulating about the series of tubes. So I decided to turn it into a game. Now, if you're a rabid Jobsian who follows all those Apple gossip blogs as though they were Us Weekly, you'll find this little quiz a cinch. But for those of you who aren't, answer this for me--Which of the following "Apple rumors" are legitimate rumors, and which ones did I just make up on the spot?

Three are real. The others are figments of my imagination. I think.

  • Rumor #1: Cingular may be offering iPhone buyers a year and a half of free service if they shell out the dough for the pricey phone.
  • Rumor #2: A notable Beverly Hills plastic surgeon posted on his blog that comparisons of videos of Steve Jobs' keynotes at the 2006 and 2007 Macworld Expos indicate that he "appears to have had some work done."
  • Rumor #3: The famous "Finder" is completely absent from Mac OSX "Leopard," as the desktop will be controlled entirely by widgets.
  • Rumor #4: A "Beatles Edition" widescreen iPod is expected to be announced in conjunction with the Super Bowl on February 4.
  • Rumor #5
  • : Apple has discontinued its external iSight cameras, now that all of its computers have built-in Webcams.

  • Rumor #6
  • : Buyers of the soon-to-debut Apple TV service will find a year of HBO bundled into the device at no extra charge.

    OK, think you've got it? I won't list the answers in this post, but here is a link to Legitimate Apple Rumor #1, a link to Legitimate Apple Rumor #2, and a link to Legitimate Apple Rumor #3 so that you can see for yourself what the blogs are really talking about. Please note that by "legitimate" I do not mean "confirmed." In fact, they're still probably totally untrue. By "legitimate," rather, I mean "not invented on the spot by Crave."