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Which of these top CTOs is using open source?

Open source may well be the commonality between Infoworld's top CTOs of 2008.

Infoworld has named its top-25 CTOs for 2008. It's a great list, and I'm feeling pretty good that two of the top 25 use Alfresco (E*Trade and Kaplan). Now for the others....

Actually, chest-thumping aside, it would be interesting to hear how these CTOs are using open source, generally. I'm betting that open source runs through the veins of most of these, given the importance of open source as a foundation for enterprise innovation, yet Infoworld's feature only calls out the aggressive use of open source by Virgin America:

Maguire was able to install open source software in only a couple of days instead of weeks or months for a traditional, bulky application needing lots of configuration, training, and infrastructure. Moreover, Maguire claims his open source approach has "easily saved the company over $5 million."

The best CTOs are the best because they know how to drive innovation and productivity while simultaneously saving money. That's open source.