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Which new iPhone feature excites you most? (poll)

The new iPhone cats are out of the bag and we have some fresh features to pass judgment on. Tell us what set your techie heart a-racing.

Announcing the iPhone 5C
The iPhone announcement quickly turned colorful. Josh Lowensohn/CNET

Take a deep breath. It's over until the next time. We now know the skinny on the features the new iPhones have in store for Apple fans. The iPhone world has certainly gotten a lot more colorful, with customers getting options ranging from champagne gold to bright green.

In case your mind is buzzing and you need a quick refresher, here are the big points. The higher-end iPhone 5S is a revamped version of the iPhone 5, with the notable additions of gold and "space gray" case colors, a Touch ID fingerprint sensor, and an A7 chip. It's the first 64-bit phone on the market, giving Apple some potentially debatable bragging rights.

The 5S also sports improvements in the camera, flash, and photo handling, and an M7 motion chip geared for fitness apps. Price-wise, it comes in at the same levels as its predecessor, starting at $199 for the 16GB version with contract.

The more affordable iPhone 5C does indeed come with a polycarbonate casing in a rainbow of five different fruit flavors. It shares a lot of similarities with the iPhone 5, but sports an improved front-facing camera and audio for FaceTime. But enough about the 5C features; the real interest lies in the price tag. It starts at $99 for the 16GB version when purchased under contract.

If you're in the market for an iPhone upgrade, you have probably already set your heart on one model or the other. Maybe you can't resist the bright colors of the 5C. Maybe your inner photography nerd can't say no to the camera upgrades on the 5S.

Did one feature in particular get your pulse up while you were following the announcement? Vote in our poll and share your thoughts in the comments.