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Which MP3 player or PVP has the best picture quality?

Which MP3 player or PVP has the best picture quality?

As MP3 players have morphed into portable media gadgets with photo and video support (see the latest iPod and the Creative Zen Vision:M), our definition of performance has changed as well. Instead of focusing on audio quality and, to a lesser degree, battery life, we now need to consider the quality of the displays.

Of course, these displays usually don't get any bigger than 4-inches diagonal (some are even as small as 1 inch), so we take image quality with a grain of salt. Still, some devices have better displays than others, and there are ways to experiment with them, just as we test televisions and computer monitors.

CNET is proud to present such a test in our latest feature, entitled "MP3 and portable video player picture-quality shoot-out," written by Dr. Ray Soneira, president of DisplayMate Technologies. Dr. Soneira utilizes the widely adopted DisplayMate video diagnostics software to test the image and video quality of six popular MP3 players and PVPs. In addition to the testing methodology and surprising results, the feature includes tips on how to optimize your display, as well as test images and links to software that will let you try out your own device.