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Which iOS 5 feature excites you the most? (poll)

Apple's new OS is brimming with nifty updates and additions. Which one are you most looking forward to? Wi-Fi syncing? Notifications? Vote in our poll!


Unless you were sleeping under rock a yesterday, you heard that iOS 5 is official and coming to an iDevice near you this fall. (Here's a brief tour of what's inside.)

Although CNET's Kent German thinks Apple took only "baby steps" with the new OS, I think there's a lot to like. In fact, at the risk of sounding like a gushing fanboy, I'd say iOS 5 offers an embarrassment of riches.

I mean, Wi-Fi syncing? There's nothing babylike about cutting the cord (hmmm--OK, bad analogy) that has long tethered the device to the PC. (Android phones can't sync music and photos without third-party help. Just saying.) Sure, it's a long-overdue and decidedly evolutionary feature, but it's still awesome.

And a GPS-powered task list that can remind you to do something based on where you are? That's flippin' sweet! Debate all you want whether that constitutes a "major" new feature, but it's going to make my iPhone a heckuva lot more useful. That's pretty much all I want from any OS update.

Your thoughts? What iOS 5 features are you itching to get your hands on? Was there something you desperately wanted that Apple neglected to include? (See Nicole Lee's iOS 5: What we didn't get.) Vote in our poll; then hit the comments to talk it out.