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Which chip for your computer?

Which chip for your computer?

You just want a laptop that works, and you don't care too much about the microprocessor. It's not terribly impressive to you that computers with AMD at their core surpassed Intel in sales last month, though the industry is aflutter. You'll buy whichever seems to have the better features at the better price for the business you do. And if AMD is that good, great, you'll take one of those-thar PCs off the shelf.

But as CNET's Justin Jaffe points out, computers with the different chips perform better for different things. Also, be aware of something IT department folks (that means the techie computer guys) have told me: There can also be functionality differences. Not all software that works on one chip will necessarily work on another. So, for example, if you've bought certain office-suite software to run on your Intel-based laptop, it might not work perfectly on the AMD-based one. How to know beforehand? Some vendors make different versions of the same software for the different chips. I'm afraid the only solution I've been given is to ask them.