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Which apps are using the new Facebook APIs?

Want to make use of the new Facebook API? We've put together a list of applications that are adding in some of the new functionality in the coming days.

This past weekend's announcement by Facebook that the company would be opening up its APIs to allow for posting of notes, videos, and more has left some companies scrambling to add new functionality to existing applications. Below we've highlighted a handful of the ones that let you post to Facebook from a desktop client, be it standalone or something that plugs into your browser.

We've talked to the people at each one to see when you should be expecting to be able to make use of the new API in each app:

"Blogo already supports Facebook status updates through its integration with," says Benjamin Jackson, Blogo's technical director. "As for more robust Facebook integration, you can be absolutely certain that we'll be running to integrate this as quickly as possible. We'll be shooting to send out a beta next week."

"We are excited about the new direction Facebook is going in and strongly believe that the browser will play a critical role in providing social context by way of encouraging conversations to occur around external links (i.e., blogs, videos, articles, photographs, etc.)" says Dan Burkhart, Flock's VP of marketing and business development. "Flock is working to build functionality into the browser that will extend and enhance this ability for users to share a broad variety of sites and web services with their friends."

Friendbar creator Edo Segal says "we love the fact that facebook [is] opening up more services," and "definitely plan to include support for these API's in upcoming versions." Segal also says he wants a higher level of access to that data. "For example, to be able to post comments to users photos and status updates, and to directly send a Facebook message to a user via the API."

Posting of notes through is up and running. "We're still assembling some other ideas on how to use their new features," says founder and CEO Sean McCullough. Worth a mention is that many of the services on this list go through to re-syndicate user messages.

"Sociagami has always been committed to deep integration with social networking sites like Facebook and MySpace and we will definitely be taking advantage of the new API features in 2.0," says Charlie Robbins, director of social network integration for Sociagami. "Unfortunately, using an API-based implementation will mean that Sociagami 2.0 will not have the messaging and wall posting features that came with 1.0."

Working on it for an upcoming build. "The video part will be an important one!" says Loic Le Meur, CEO of Seesmic which acquired/owns Twhirl. The latest version, which was released on Monday, added in support, letting you cross post messages to your Facebook profile.

"Yes, we are actively working on implementing the new Facebook API and rolling it out ASAP," says Regan Fletcher, Yoono's VP of business development. Our overall objective really is to maximize our use of the Facebook API in order to allow users who have added Facebook to Yoono to have the best possible experience and functionality."

"It does look like some of this new functionality is available via the REST API, which we use and we can run FQL queries (which we do)," says AlertThingy creator Clive Howard. "We will be revisiting this prior to the next version and if we can do, then I'm sure it will make it into 3.x." Version 3 of AlertThingy was released on Monday morning.

Apps that we pinged but have not yet responded: Feedalizr, Moodswing/blast, and Gwibber. We'll update this post if we hear back.