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Which Apple announcement was best? (poll)

The spiffy touch-screen Nano? Movie rentals on your iOS device? Or do you think today's Apple event was one big snoozefest? Here's your chance to vote!

Was the new Apple TV the highlight of today's event, or just one of many yawn-inducing product refreshes?
Was the new Apple TV the highlight of today's event, or just one of many yawn-inducing product refreshes? Apple

Apple's music event

Here's a brief rundown of what Apple announced at Wednesday's press event.

iOS 4.1
Free update for iPhone, iPod Touch will be available next week

iOS 4.2
To come in November.

New iPods
A major refresh of iPod lineup, including the Shuffle, Nano, and Touch

New iTunes 10 with social-networking music features

Apple TV
New, smaller cloud-based Apple TV

For more details on these announcements, read our summary post here.

On Monday I asked you to vote for the item you most wanted to see during Apple's special event today. Nearly 30 percent of you chose "an updated iPod Touch"--and your wish was granted.

Others beat the drum (and clicked the mouse) for a new Apple TV and iOS 4 for iPad--both of which Apple also announced. In fact, the rumor mill got just about everything right; the only poll item that didn't become reality was a smaller iPad.

All this begs the question: which of today's announcements did you like best? Are you excited by the new Apple TV? The camera-equipped iPod Touch? iTunes 10 and Ping?

Now, I have no doubt many of you will choose "none of them." Haters! Seriously, though, at the risk of sounding like a fanboy, what exactly did you expect today if not some merely evolutionary product improvements? I think Apple served up a wide variety of interesting and worthwhile updates. (OK, I do have one major complaint: the low-res rear camera on the new Touch. Apple, you could have owned the camera market! That sub-megapixel sensor is just cruel!)

Anyway, vote in our poll, then head to the comments to talk up what Apple got right today--and what it got wrong.