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Can you spot the cell phone in this crazy optical illusion? It's not easy

Where's my dang mobile phone? A challenging new optical illusion rings a bell with the internet.

"Find My iPhone" is probably my most-used app. I've even been known to be talking on my phone, reach for it to do a quick Google search and declare that I've lost it. (Mom, I'm sorry now for all the times I made fun of you for looking for your glasses when they were propped on your head.)

So this latest optical illusion to spread around the internet rang a special bell with me. Jeya May Cruz, from the Philippines, posted a photo to Facebook showing an elaborately detailed black and white rug and challenged viewers to find a cell phone somewhere in the photo.

"Since hindi ako makatulog" means "(Since) I can't sleep" in Tagalog. And the post apparently has kept plenty of other would-be puzzle-solvers from sleeping as they hunted for a phone in the image.

Warning: spoiler below!

Can't find it? OK, we'll spoil it for you. Take a look at the right-hand leg of the small table, and look just to its right. You'll see the stripe in the carpet change from gray with black-and-white flowers to solid black with only white flowers. That's the floral pattern of the cell phone's case -- recognize the phone shape?

Now that you've found it, pick up the phone and use it to call an opthamologist, to treat the eyestrain induced by all these illusions.