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Wherefore Wi-Fi?

Wherefore Wi-Fi?

So now there are three major manufacturers who've tossed a Wi-Fi-capable consumer digital camera into the ring: Canon, Kodak, and Nikon. Is it just the effect the nor'easter's having on my sinuses, or does anyone else feel totally underwhelmed by the idea?

True, the Canon SD430's support for remote Wi-Fi capture did send a tiny spurt of adrenaline through my system, but with this country's pathetic broadband infrastructure, pricing, and policies, it feels like it'll be a while before the applications will be able to live up to their potential. And the rest of the world seems to have moved on to camera phones for a lot of snapshot photography, so the announcements will probably receive a big, Gallic shrug overseas.

And I know there's a joke about wireless sticker-printing kiosks somewhere in all of this, but I'm too decongestant-headed to find it right now.