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Where will Explorer go today?

The latest version of Internet Explorer contains some interesting features--and a few bugs--for developers, but its main challenge may be one of mindshare.

The latest version of Internet Explorer contains some interesting features, along with a few bugs for developers, but the main challenge facing Microsoft's Web browser may be one of mindshare.

IE 5's facelift part of Gates's grand plan
The chief executive says the latest Web software will play a key part in Microsoft's ultimate vision.

Bugs mar some IE tools
Microsoft has found eight minor bugs that crop up when its Visual Studio 6.0 development tools are used with Internet Explorer 5.

What does IE 5 bring to the table?
Just when the browser wars seemed to be coming to a close, the battlefield is undergoing a new seismic shift.

IE 5: Mindshare over matter?
news analysis With no major advances, Internet Explorer 5.0 has less to do with technology and more to do with mindshare.

Exploring Microsoft's evolution
timeline Internet Explorer's fate reflects vast changes in Microsoft's internal and external strategies required to address the whims of the Internet.

Sneak peek shows new content features
With version 5.0 of Internet Explorer, Microsoft shows off a browser with some new ideas on how to present Web content.