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Where to follow tonight's Xbox launch on CNET

Tonight Microsoft reveals its next Xbox from a big tent at its leafy Redmond campus -- here's where to follow the action live on CNET.

It's the final piece of the next-gen gaming puzzle -- what will the new Xbox be like? How will it compare to the PlayStation 4? What will it be called? Will it be always online? Will they bring back that fabulously enormous controller from the first Xbox?

All (or at least some) of those pressing questions will be answered tonight as Microsoft reveals its next Xbox from a big tent at its leafy campus in Redmond, Washington. CNET will be there in overwhelming force, with a live blog and live stream starting at 6pm UK time. will be following that up with an in-depth first take on the new console, analysis of all the announcements and tonnes of video. There's unlikely to be any British-specific news such as price or release date, but CNET UK will bring you Blighty-related details as soon as we confirm them.

In the meantime, here's our roundup of all the rumours swirling around the new Xbox, and -- for comparison purposes -- a video of what we know and what we don't know about the PS4.