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Where to follow tonight's iPhone 5 launch on CNET

Between our UK home team, our man at the London event and's crew at the San Francisco, we've got the iPhone launch well and truly covered.

Evening all. You'll be here for news of Apple's new blower, the thoroughly leaked and heavily rumoured iPhone 5. Our colleagues at are at the San Francisco launch mob-handed, while our fearless leader, editor Jason Jenkins, is at Apple's London event. Hopefully the Wi-Fi is better than it was at the last iPad launch.

Together with our faithful team back here at home base, we'll be bringing you some top-notch live coverage.'s Molly Wood, Brian Tong and Donald Bell will be live-streaming the event, while Josh Lowensohn and Scott Stein will be live-blogging text and photos at the same page.

While Jason brings you hands-on photos and piercing bon mots -- be sure to follow his Twitter feed -- our London home team will put everything in its UK context, with 4G a priority. That means prices in proper British pounds and availability in proper British dates, with the day and month the right way round.

Look out later on for a video roundup of tonight's news from the fresh-faced Luke Westaway, as well as a detailed, in-depth preview. Tomorrow morning we'll be following all this up with a tonne of extra insight and comparisons.

While you wait for the event to kick off at 6pm, check out our exhaustive guide to iPhone 5 rumours. What would you like us to pay special attention to tonight? Put all your useful suggestions and amusing Samsung-related nonsense in the comments below, or over on our Facebook page.

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