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Where to find CNET's coverage of Mobile World Congress

We'll have 20 people on the ground in Barcelona covering MWC. Find out how to follow our coverage.

We're all going to sunny Spain for Mobile World Congress, the annual trade show for phones, tablets, apps and mobile services. Held in Barcelona, over 65,000 people are expected to show up to see what the latest trends are.

You don't need to go anywhere, though: for the first time the different CNET sites around the world are combining forces to bring you the best coverage of this show on the net. We'll have a team of 20 people scouring the show floor for the hottest stories, and we'll be live blogging all the press conferences that matter. As soon as something interesting is announced, we'll have a story, photo and video of it.

Here's a list of all the press conferences we'll be live-blogging if you want to follow the news as it develops along with us.

Sunday 24 February

Huawei has had some success with cheap Android phones and may use MWC to make a play for the higher end. 
Time: 2pm in Barcelona (calculate to your time zone)
Follow CNET's Huawei live blog

Monday 25 February

Nokia will be talking Windows Phone, naturally, and may well unveil a successor to last year's PureView phone with a 41-megapixel camera.
Time: 8:30am in Barcelona (calculate to your time zone)
Follow CNET's Nokia live blog

The tablet/mobile combination that is the Asus Padfone hasn't gained much traction yet, but that won't stop the company having another go at a tablet/laptop/phone hybrid.
Time: 1:30pm in Barcelona (calculate to your time zone)
Follow CNET's Asus live blog

A blizzard of new handsets can be expected from this Chinese mega-corp.
Time: 4pm in Barcelona (calculate to your time zone)
Follow CNET's ZTE live blog

Follow us on Twitter

I would also encourage you to follow the whole Mobile World Congress CNET team on Twitter. Here are the accounts of everyone in Barcelona with their Twitter handles, or you can follow this Twitter list of CNET at MWC.

| CNET, The best of everything at MWC 
| Jason Jenkins, Editor, CNET UK
| Molly Wood, Executive Editor
| Roger Cheng, Executive Editor, CNET News
| Stephen Shankland, Senior Writer, CNET News
| Rich Trenholm, Crave Editor, CNET UK
| Luke Westaway, Crave Editor, CNET UK
| Brian Bennett, Senior Editor, Phones
| Eric Franklin, Senior Editor, Tablets
| Jessica Dolcourt, Senior Editor, Phones
| Aloysius Low, Senior Writer, Mobile, CNET Asia
| Lynn La, Associate Editor, Phones
| Marc Ganley, Video Producer, CNET UK
| Andrew Hoyle, Senior Staff Writer, CNET UK

I hope you'll join us from Sunday -- make sure you keep an eye on the Mobile World Congress page for the latest.