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Where the Net's wild things are

Are your systems vulnerable? Ask a few hackers--that's what Microsoft did. Also: Trojans on the march, and worms a-wriggling.

roundup Want to know where your systems are vulnerable? Just invite over a few hackers--that's what Microsoft did. Also: Trojans on the march, and worms a-wriggling.

Hackers go to Redmond

special report In the name of education, Microsoft invites security researchers to infiltrate Windows systems.
June 16, 2005

Asian Trojans attacking U.K., agency warns

The cyberattack mainly targets central government, but other British organizations are also at risk.
June 16, 2005

New worm hits AIM network

Worm spreads quickly on AOL's instant messaging service but is contained within hours.
June 15, 2005

Zombie army camped out on AOL, report says

Big ISPs are the top source of attacks by hijacked PCs, survey says. Not surprising, retorts AOL--we've got a lot of members.
June 15, 2005

Browser-based attacks increase as viruses dip

Viruses and worms hit IT operations a bit less often, but browser-based attacks are an increasing headache, new survey finds.
June 14, 2005

Java flaws open door to hackers

Sun fixes two security bugs in Java that could put computers running Windows, Linux and Solaris at risk of attack.
June 14, 2005

Fixes in for critical IE, Windows flaws

Three of the 10 bulletins in Microsoft's monthly batch of patches deal with three holes that could let intruders take over a PC.
June 14, 2005

Feds vulnerable to lots of Net threats

Government agencies are plagued by spyware, phishing attacks and spam, but they're not prepared for the onslaught, a GAO survey finds.
June 14, 2005

'Trusted displays' suggested as online security boost

Microsoft researcher says smart card readers and USB tokens could further secure e-commerce with a screen to approve transactions.
June 13, 2005