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Where the desk and computer become one

U.K.-based i-Desk embeds both LCD and keyboard into a piece of furniture.


There may be something to the idea of building LCDs into desks, as well as the occasional coffee table. We thought it was just a passing fancy, but there's already another furniture maker planning to do the same thing.

U.K.-based i-Desk has embedded a TFT display into the back panel of its "ClassicX Variheight" and has similarly ensconced a keyboard flush with the desktop. Adding to its all-in-one concept, according to BornRich, even the hard drive is built into the front panel.

Its height can also be adjusted electronically to improve ergonomics, though it's unclear whether the monitor can be lifted or lowered independently. i-Desk says this and other products it makes are geared toward those with physical disabilities but, judging by the apparent popularity of this type of furniture, we think they would find a market with the population at large.