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Where have all the PS3s gone?

Only 210 emerged from the truck. What about the hundreds more that are needed?

SAN FRANCISCO--When the doors to the truck opened and it was possible to see all the boxes inside, each containing the ultimate prize, PlayStation 3s, it looked like there were many, many hundreds.

And that was good, since there have to be around 1,000 people waiting in line here at the Metreon for the official West Coast PS3 launch.

Sony told me that everyone in line would get the opportunity to buy a PS3, so that means that they expected to have at least 1,000 available.

Daniel Terdiman/CNET Networks

But when the Sony folks finished the hoopla of pulling out the first box, and began loading box after box onto carts to take inside the Sony store, it seemed that something was amiss.

A fellow reporter and I did some quick math and we calculated that the Sony folks had pulled 105 boxes off the truck, each containing 2 PS3s.

That means there were only 210 PS3s on the truck. And that meant, since there wasn't another truck anywhere in sight, that Sony had stashed another 800 or so PS3s somewhere.

Which also meant that the truck thing was likely entirely staged and not exactly what it seemed.

There's still nearly three hours to go before the fans get to pull out their credit cards to begin buying, but it'll be interesting to see where those hundreds of other PS3s come from.