Where did all the subscribers go?

Microsoft didn't say anything about gains in its MLB.com deal. There goes my prediction.

Tech Culture

Microsoft was mysteriously silent about the performance of its MLB.com deal. In my first blog entry I pegged the MLB deal as a hallmark in online sports programming, despite its $40 million price tag over two seasons. Might I have to eat crow?

During a presentation to analysts in its Redmond-Wa. headquarters, MSN Chief Yusuf Mehdi last week remained mum about itÂ’s the division's subscription businesses. Instead, the veteran of Microsoft's many Internet campaigns focused his presentation on search. Knowing Microsoft, any significant uptick in broadband subscriptions would make top billing to investors.

I don't want to fan too many conspiracy claims, but could the software giant be hiding something? More troubling is the thought that I'm one of the few fantasy addicts who sits in front of a computer while burrowing myself in my living room watching sports. I should get out more.

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