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Where are the Beatles-branded iPhone, iPod, and iPad?

We figure Apple made a version of the iPod for U2 fans--don't The Beatles deserve the same treatment?

Photo of  the U2 edition iPod
Remember the U2 edition iPod? Apple

The biggest disappointment with The Beatles arriving on iTunes is that there's no satisfying way to give music downloads as gifts. There will be special Beatles-branded iTunes gift cards, undoubtedly, but who really wants to unwrap a holiday present to find a plastic card?

No, if Apple has any sense, we'll see a repeat performance from 2004, the year Apple made the special U2-edition iPod.

Of course, with iPod sales on the decline, special Beatles-edition iPhones or iPads are just as likely. In fact, it's the best reason I've heard yet for the delay of the white iPhone 4.