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When you fail at Linux, there's always dating

Kevin Carmony is moving to a dating service. Perhaps his Microsoft affection will finally yield a relationship.

Kevin Carmony, former CEO of Linspire, couldn't make a viable business in Linux. Perhaps, however, his attempt to marry Linux to Microsoft inspired his next move: an online dating service.

The fact that Carmony's dating service has nothing to do with Linux may bode well for its success. Reading through the press release above, it's difficult to see how Carmony's service (Dating DNA) is much different from other dating sites, except that this one has trendy names like "social networking" thrown in, but perhaps it will finally help Carmony to match up like-minded groups. Carmony, who tried to be all things to all people at Linspire (and fittinglyleft Linspire to work on Mitt Romney's campaign, a man also accused of trying to play both sides on crucial issues), now has the chance to start afresh.

Linux and Microsoft through a patent marriage? Bad start. But let's wish Carmony luck in his new endeavor.