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When will Panasonic's huge plasmas ship?

Screens of 150 inches could ship to retail stores in June 2009.


You may have read about Panasonic's Neo PDP plasma technology, and even caught a glimpse of the prototypes at January's Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas. However, they could actually be coming to retail stores as early as June 2009 after initial May production from the Japanese company's P5 plant, Panasonic's latest plasma panel manufacturing facility currently undergoing construction in Amagasaki, Japan.

The lineup includes a petite 24.7-millimeter-thick 50-incher and its larger-than-life 150-inch sibling. The latter also offers four times better image details over standard full-HD TVs with a native 4,096 x 2,160-pixel resolution. Size and picture quality aside, it boasts its "FX" or "Double Efficiency" technology, an eco-friendly feature that purportedly delivers the same level of screen brightness at only half the power required by current flat panels.

Pricing and availability remain unknown as of yet, but watch this space for that information as soon as we can get it.

(Source: Crave Asia)