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When the woofer is mightier than the pen

Maker of luxury writing instruments tries its hand at audio equipment.


If you've ever wondered what a loudspeaker would look like if it were designed by a company that makes pens, look no further. And if you do happen to fall into this category of curiosity, you have way too much time on your hands.

That aside, the rather odd-looking object pictured here is the product of one Lominichay, better known for its fine writing instruments. Why it's decided to make speakers is anyone's guess, but the company appears to be applying the esoteric sensibilities of its pens to this new line of business.

The "Degas" model shown at left atop its cylindrical stand is one of three speakers named after master painters, made from heavily lacquered birchwood and "promises excellent bass down to 35Hz in moderate- to large-sized listening rooms of about 50 to 500 square feet," according to Luxist, with a "6.5-inch ceramic midrange driver and a sparkling 1-inch diamond tweeter."

All for a mere $30,000, that is, or $32,500 if you splurge for the piano lacquer version. But don't squawk--the Degas is the cheapest of Loiminchay Audio's three debut offerings, with the other two tagged at $45,000 and $75,000 a pair.

At first we were curious about the price of its pens, but now we're too scared to ask.