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When tech companies battle -- do we always win? (Open_Tab Ep. 10)

Sony's rumored PS4.5 Neo vs. the Xbox One S? HDR10 vs. Dolby Vision? Tech companies are always fighting each other to win the most business, but do we as consumers win from these battles? Join CNET's Open_Tab with special guest David Katzmaier this week as we discuss two of the biggest battles this year.

Do we as consumers always win when tech companies battle? Tell us what tech rivalries you think have the biggest impact on the world for today's live episode of CNET's Open_Tab,

CNET's resident television expert David Katzmaier joins Jeff Bakalar and Mike Sorrentino on this week's show, talking about the battle over the newest generation of television, HDR, as well as the looming battle between Sony's rumored "PlayStation 4.5 Neo" console and the recently-released Xbox One S from Microsoft.


"Max Max" is available in Dolby Vision from Vudu (left) and in HDR10 on 4K Blu-ray. But do consumers win when HDR formats battle?

Sarah Tew/CNET

Then, to blast away from all of the fighting, Jeff talks about what his first week playing No Man's Sky has been like. And Mike crafts a geeky cocktail to match the game's pink skies.

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