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When Tech Attacks: how torrents swallowed The Tunnel

It's a fine line between cute robot dogs and self-aware death machines. We check out the latest in tech and reveal how it's signposting your impending doom! Plus, some jokes.

Innovations in technology are exciting to follow, but while soccer-playing robot dogs look cute, they are also the first step towards machine-gun-toting self-aware war machines hell-bent on the enslavement and destruction of mankind. Don't say we didn't warn you.

Join Joseph Hanlon and Derek Fung as they examine how the new technologies of today are taking over our lives and signposting a darker future. On the show this week we look at how the Aussie film The Tunnel has been swallowed whole by BitTorrent and how workers will soon be tethered to their jobs by phones that dual-boot Windows 7.

Stay vigilant! If you have seen photos or videos of suspicious tech you think we should feature on the show, drop us the link in the comments below or email us at