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When interactive TV equals information overload

A reader writes that the home market is not the place for interactive TV.


When interactive TV equals information overload

In response to the May 3 Perspectives column by Charles Cooper, "Interactive TV: The big kludge":

Basically, you are right about interactive TV. It is "tool-inappropriate," a phrase hung on good technology given to the wrong user. Watch a group of people in a public shop attempt to watch CNN with the crawlers constantly scrolling. That sort of works, because if the talking head gets boring, you can turn down the sound and watch the ticker. Still, the majority of what is presented this way is information overload, and at some point people flip it to the Cartoon Network, which, if uninformative, is more fun to watch with the sound turned down.

The home market is not the place for interactive TV. C3I heads will love it. Data fusion is their essential problem.

Len Bullard
Toney, Ala.



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