When Google Street View and ASCII art collide

Wish you could see the world in code like Neo from "The Matrix?" A nostalgic programmer creates an ASCII filter for Google Street View that makes for some unique views of the world.

ASCII stands for American Standard Code for Information Interchange. Teehan+Lax

Long before 1080p video and high-resolution imagery, a special graphic design style known as ASCII art enabled amateur artists to create unique images on computers through specifically formatted text.

The glory days of text art invading e-mails and bulletin boards are mostly gone. But you can at least take a stroll down memory lane with a Web site that automatically converts Google Maps' Street View into a world of colorful ASCII art.

The letter-filled viewpoint comes from Peter Nitsch, who works in the labs of Toronto marketing firm Teehan+Lax. Nitsch used an existing Google Street View Panorama library and added JavaScript 3D into the mix.

The ASCII art conversion taps WebGL to create the ASCII view on the fly, which means you need Chrome, Firefox 8 (and beyond), or any other CORS WebGL-compatible Web browser to make the filter work.

Crave picked a few keen examples of how this ASCII filter changes the view. What locations would you check out on ASCII Street View?

(Via Huffington Post)

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