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When game gadget design goes weird

Crave's Christopher MacManus takes a trot down memory lane with a tour of some of the oddest-looking gaming devices to come out this century.

The Nintendo 2DS: The missing link between the DS and the 3DS. Nintendo

The response to the Nintendo 2DS has varied, but it's mostly not pretty, and it got me thinking about some of the oddest-looking gaming devices released since the year 2000.

In that 13-year period, Microsoft, Nintendo, and Sony have released some beautiful hardware, as well as some not-so-beautiful devices that probably needed another trip to the drawing board. Of course, when they came out, many of the designs seen in the gallery below were beyond fresh and considered innovative, at least to some degree.

Unfortunately, while it would've been fun to put together a master slideshow of all the zany post-2000 gaming accessories from first- and third-party manufacturers, we whittled down the list for brevity. Feel free to leave a comment with a not-so-memorable gaming product we may have missed.

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