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When droids break their huddle

Road Trip 2010: After a mass gathering of droids--R2-D2s and friends--at Celebration V, what happens when they must all go their separate ways? A lot of beeping, booping, and confusion over whose R2 is whose.

At Celebration V, the massive 'Star Wars' fan fest in Orlando this weekend, a large group of droid builders gathered for a photo--with dozens of their charges. Daniel Terdiman/CNET

ORLANDO, Fla.--When you're lucky, you're lucky. And on Saturday, I was lucky.

At about 9:20 a.m. Saturday, walking into the Orange County Convention Center here, where the massive Celebration V "Star Wars" fan fest is being held, I stumbled onto a scent that could only be described as geek heaven: a group picture of dozens of droid builders and their motley collection of R2-D2s and other creations based on George Lucas' sci-fi saga.

I wasn't the only one, of course. There were many people gathered around watching the scene unfold, including an official photographer taking the group's picture. And let's be honest: what's cooler than a picture of several dozen droids packed tightly together?

I'll tell you what: the scene afterward, when the photos are done being taken and when all these dozens of droids have to head out to do whatever it is they do at a "Star Wars" convention. And to me, there's no question at all that that was the best part: watching them smoothy disperse (see video below), one and two droids at a time. Except for Max. After you watch the video, you too, will wonder: Where's Max?

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