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When Captain Marvel green suit leaked, Brie Larson ignored social media

Larson is active on Twitter, except when paparazzi are on set.


Brie Larson took a break from social media when her green Captain Marvel outfit got an early reveal.

Chuck Zlotnik/Marvel Studios

When early Captain Marvel photos revealed Brie Larson's green Starforce suit, she decided it was time to take a break from Twitter.

In a wide-ranging set interview with Entertainment Tonight from May 3 published Tuesday, Larson said she wasn't aware that fans already knew about the character's alternate suit. She will wear it along with the more familiar red, gold and blue suit that's closer to the comic version of her character's costume. (Disclosure: Entertainment Tonight is owned by CBS, which also owns CNET.)

While Larson is active on Twitter, she told ET that she stays away from social media when there's a chance that news about her movies could be leaking.

ET: What did you think about all the hoopla online over the green suit?

Larson: What hoopla?

People were certainly surprised by it, at least at first.

Oh, tell me more!

You are on social media! You didn't see any of that?

I do not look at that stuff, man. I mean, sometimes I know when the paparazzi are on set and I'm like, "Cool, I'm not going on social media for a couple of days." But if I even see a touch of it-- I don't go on. It's not helpful, either way. I have a firm rule with myself with social media. I don't believe the good, I don't believe the bad.

Both suits are on full display in Captain Marvel's second trailer, which debuted Monday night, showcasing the heroine fighting shapeshifting Skrulls, her transformation into a Kree supersoldier and flying all over the place while blasting energy beams from her hands.

Captain Marvel is coming to theaters on March 8, 2019 in the US and UK, and March 7 in Australia.

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