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When a 17-inch monitor goes for $5,000

LCD is designed for professional video and photo editing once capable only on huge CRTs.


At first glance, this appeared to be some sort of new Panasonic TV with its buttons exposed in some retro type of design. But it turns out to be just a 17-inch LCD monitor--one that costs around $5,000, that is.

Why so much? The BT-LH1760 is designed for commercial photo and video editing, with a native resolution of 1,280x768 pixels and a 120Hz refresh rate--which translates to Panasonic's claim of "faithful color reproduction with twice the response speed of other currently available professional LCD monitors," according to Engadget. That, in turn, means no more morbidly obese CRT monitors hogging all the desk space, so you can finally have a place to eat lunch.