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Wheelie robot brings dinner on the double

Toshiba shows off a two-wheeled autonomous robot than can roll over ramps and balance a tray of food. Wheelie might make a decent waiter.

Video screenshot by Tim Hornyak/CNET

Visitors to the Toshiba Science Museum in Kawasaki, Japan, got a treat the other day when the electronics giant showed off a new two-wheeled robot that can balance a plate of food on its head.

The bot seems to be called Wheelie, and it's still experimental.

Toshiba hasn't released any info on it yet, but judging from the video, it can self-balance like a Segway, tackle a gentle gradient, and avoid obstacles.

It can also squeeze into tight spots. Two small retractable wheels pop out for added stability while Wheelie is in standby mode.

Its purpose seems to be to help out around the home by carrying objects to and fro. Looks like it would make a good mobile beer coaster, too.

Toshiba has produced a number of household robots, including ApriPoko, ApriAlpha, and ApriAttenda, but unfortunately has yet to commercialize them. I hope Wheelie isn't another tease.

(Via Plastic Pals)