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WhatsApp dark mode comes to iOS, Android devices

The Facebook-owned messaging service releases the screen-darkening feature globally.


Your WhatsApp conversations can get a little noir.


WhatsApp is about to get easier on the eyes. The Facebook-owned messaging service launched on Tuesdsay a much-requested dark mode for iOS and Android devices worldwide, and it's highlighting the update with Paul Simon.

Dark mode is meant to reduce eye strain in low-light environments, and WhatsApp marked the feature's arrival with a video showing people getting surprised by super-bright, non-dark mode screens. The video is set to a previously unreleased Simon-only version of 1965 classic The Sound of Silence. 

If you have iOS 13 or Android 10, you can enable WhatsApp's dark mode in system settings. People using Android 9 or lower can find it in the app's settings, by going to chats, then theme.

In 2018, Google noted that dark mode can reduce apps' battery consumption on devices with OLED displays.