What's with media moguls as NYC mayors?

A New York magazine story saying "it's all but official" that Time Warner Chairman and CEORichard Parsons is planning a New York City mayoral run has bloggers wondering just what is it about media tycoons and mayors.

The story suggests that Parsons, who started out in politics, may have elevated Jeffrey Bewkes to president and COO in December to hasten his return to public service. "That would give him an early jump for 2009, potentially beating out several other tycoons who see themselves as Mike Bloomberg-esque technocrats," the story says, adding that a spokesperson for Parsons said he would fulfill his contract to run the company through 2008.

In a related April New York Post story, Parsons' spokesman said the executive was not running for mayor.

Blog community response:

"Could this be why Carl Icahn bought 4 million more shares in the past three months? Because he thinks Parsons will leave soon?"
--Frank Barnako's Media Blog

"It's not the first time we've heard rumors about Time Warner boss Dick Parsons possibly running for Mayor of New York City. But the more we hear it the more we're starting to believe it."
--Media Wire Daily

"We have no idea what his policy preferences are but looking over his work at Time Warner and some of our own DealBreaker reporting, we have a few guesses at how things might change: Increased M&A Activity: WeÂ’ll merge with Jersey City! They've already got half our finance jobs anyway; New City Crest: Replace our old stale one with the Parsons Family Crest; Ladies, ladies, ladies: Feel free to spend your time hanging around with whores!; Free wireless cable and internet for everyone. (Okay. This last one is probably a stretch.)"

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