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What's up at booming SpringSource?

SpringSource is booming, but one of its best employees just left. What's up?

Last week SpringSource announced that it grew 250 percent year-over-year in quarterly bookings while doubling sales each of the last three years. SpringSource currently boasts 450 customers and is, in my mind, one of the bright lights within the commercial open-source ecosystem.

For this reason I'm a bit baffled by Neelan Choksi's departure from SpringSource. Choksi, the company's former COO, left the company in July as his LinkedIn shows. While Neelan remains a board member at SpringSource, I'm troubled that he has left. Attempts to reach Neelan by phone have not proved successful.

It's very possible that Choksi left for greener pastures, but with how green the SpringSource pasture appears to be, I'm not convinced. Can anyone provide more data?